Interesting Long Distance Anniversary Ideas

We are living in a world where a lot of our family and friends reside far away, but we really need to celebrate their enormous milestones together. I’ve put together a listing of totally exceptional and very fun long-distance birthday suggestions to put a smile on anybody’s face.

Everybody desires “happy birthday” on Facebook walls or takes it a step farther using a text message. While candy gestures, these may be so impersonal.

Extended Distance Anniversary Suggestions To Make Them Smile

1. Send a birthday celebration in a box

Searching for a simple way to say “happy birthday, long distance buddy”? Piece together a “party in a box” yourself or allow mail-order company do it for you.

Our Teeny Happiest Birthday bundle is a super enjoyable jolt, complete with card, balloon, confetti, candy handle, along with a personal note from you! On top of that, the majority of the job is completed for you.

2. Schedule a picture night

As you cannot be together in person, you can observe together online through this super entertaining new program, Rabbit. The program lets people share internet experiences.

Make sure you have popcorn available. And cake. I mean, you’re celebrating a birthday after all.

3. Send cake in a jar

Speaking of cake, everybody prefers cake on their birthday!

Do-it-yourself or possess a professional do it for you. They have so many yummy flavors of cakes in a jar.

4. Create a movie

Record yourself singing happy birthday. Send it independently, or create a public statement of these long distance birthday wishes onto Facebook or YouTube.

Even better, we’re completely obsessed with this brand new site VidHug. In only a couple of clicks, it lets you easily make a video montage from family and friends found all around the world to create that far away buddy’s day extra special.

5. Throw a virtual birthday surprise celebration

Use Skype or FaceTime to join friends from various places to sponsor a virtual celebration.

Make it more enjoyable by sending a party horn and a cure to those comprised in on the surprise.

Possibly something similar to these celebrations invites on Oh Happy Day. Do not overlook the birthday person. Place a notice on theirs stating to not start until you give consent.

6. Send photographs

Clearly it is possible to go the old school course and stick a few interesting memories within an envelope. It is a tried-and-true pick for
sending birthday presents by mail.

Or you may kick this up a notch for this nostalgic photograph viewer reel. You get to add your own photographs on the reel! I can think of no cuter approach to cherish photograph memories.

So. Much. Interesting.

7. Treat them

Utilize Yelp to look for an interesting new regional place wherever the birthday person is situated. Most restaurants permit you to easily get a gift card online and ship right to the receiver’s email.

Among the simplest long distance birthday thoughts, but nevertheless private and thoughtful.

8. Send organizing snail mail

Coordinate with other family and friends to send a few timeless snail mails.

I really like this notion from Happy Birthday where everybody sent a bit of a mystery to the birthday man. They each wrote a particular note on a postcard, and also the image sides fit together like a puzzle.

The sweetest of long-distance birthday presents ever!

9. Keep it elegant with a birthday card in the mail

Keep it simple and refined by sending a fantastic traditional birthday card in the mail.

Just Grandmas appear to send people, am I correct?

They feel much more particular than the usual Facebook post.

10. Send ice cream

Shipping ice cream may get complex so I urge creating a “sundae kit” at a box.

Additionally, you can purchase gourmet ice cream on the internet directly for your own doorstep. Delivery is obviously super pricey, but I understand that they are worthwhile!

Sweet treats showing up in the doorway are a foodie’s favored long distance birthday present!

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